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  1. Sangtekster for So Close — Better Off: "These dreams, they leave me breathless, Longing for something new, longing to be together with you, You leave, you leave me hopeless, Waiting for the day, waiting for you to just walk away.
  2. AUTUMNBLAZE lyrics - 61 song lyrics from 7 albums, including "Every Sun Is Fragile" (). Bleak So Close Yet So Far Bruderseele The Wind And The Broken Girl Thoughts By A Weary Man's Side And We Fall. MCD: "Lighthouses" () The Cat With .
  3. In my opinion, Autumnblaze's style suited the softer approach far more than the harsher style, this is perfectly shown in songs such as; 'And We Fall', 'So Close Yet So Far' and 'Scared'. However, Autumnblaze's repetitive approach of starting off as a mellow melancholic outfit, and then transforming into a harsher outfit doesn't suit them.
  4. A journey so infinite And still, still I'm not there You'd be frightened if you were here To encourage - life has to sear 5. So Close Yet So Far Visit yourself and tell me how you feel Always I knew what you meant but now I don't know I see the trembling veil of your soul and tears that never dry never dry Woe is me - sometimes I can't sleep.
  5. “This was the first Autumnblaze album and I can remember we couldn’t wait to record these epic and magic songs in a professional studio. There was this kind of spirit in the air, a very optimistic and almost arrogant feeling. Bleak 5. So close yet so far 6. Bruderseele 7. The wind and the broken girl 8. Thoughts by a weary man’s side.
  6. So Close and Yet So Far Virtually Indestructible Agent Orange; So Far Chumps on Parade MU; So Far Extended Revelation for the Psychic Weaklings of Western Civilization The Soundtrack of Our Lives; So Far Shimmer Luna Halo; So Easy (So Far) Bombscare EP Low & Spring Heel Jack; So Close Yet So Far Bleak Autumnblaze.

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