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  1. Oct 11,  · COVER Voltage pulses applied through an atomic force microscope tip prompt CO molecules (C, gray; O, red) to dissociate from a custom synthesized precursor to create cyclo[18]carbon (C 18)—a ring-shaped molecule with 18 carbon atoms joined by alternating single and triple bonds.C 18 and its precursors can be fused by atom manipulation, opening a route to create other elusive carbon .
  2. Sep 12,  · RAPID-EYE-MOVEMENT (REM) sleep is associated with intense neuronal activity, ocular saccades, muscular atonia and dreaming1,2. The function of REM sleep remains elusive and its neural correlates Cited by:
  3. Lyrics to 'Needle and Spoon' by Savoy Brown. To some I'm a wise man, to some I'm a fool But I need a little something to keep my cool I sleep with the sun and I rise with the moon And I feel alright with my needle and spoon I feel alright with my needle and spoon.
  4. May 17,  · Sun in my eyes Einfach mal drauflos laufen, meine Augen der Sonne zugewendet, der Quelle unseres Lebens auf Gaia, unserer Mutter Erde.

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